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Home-made spiral cheese pastry – in a plate, corresponding to the European quality standards


Vitta Foods company offers on the Bulgarian market frozen cheese pastries in ecologically clean paper plates. That was announced on the occasion of a signed cooperation contract with the University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv by Lidia Peneva – Marketing Director of the company at a press conference in Grand Hotel Sofia on 13 February 2008. Prof. Dr. Eng. Georgi Valchev, Rector of UFT – Plovdiv, and Prof. Dr. Eng. Grozdan Karadzhov from the “Technology of Grain, Fodder and Bread Products” department of the university were present at the press conference. The home-made spiral cheese pastry is offered in a paper plate on the recommendation of the university, explained Lidia Peneva. In contrast to the aluminium one, the paper plate corresponds to the European ecological standards in the food, wine and tobacco industries. The paper plate does not change the flavour and the fragrance of the product baked in it and ensures optimal conditions for baking. “Vitta Foods made the step the branch associations should have taken. They are the first to invite scientists to work with in order to improve the quality of the products”, stated Prof. Karadzhov. The University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv and Vitta Foods will cooperate in developing quality foods for the Bulgarian consumers in a long-term relationship. The specialized in production and distribution of frozen products from rolled out pastries and puff pastry company and the higher school had signed a contract for joint activities in two main directions. The university will elaborate training programs for Vitta Foods’ staff and will train the new employees of the company, explained Prof. Dr. Eng. Grozdan Karadzhov from “Technology of Grain, Fodder and Bread Products” department at UFT - Plovdiv. As for Vitta Foods, the collaboration provides its products to be used as a raw material for the training by the students in the production base of UFT,. In order to attain high quality standards of the developed products, Vitta Foods donated 40 000 BGN to the university. The funds were invested in the reconstruction of the base and the establishment of appropriate conditions for conducting educational-production activity for the development of grain, bread and confectionary products. The cooperation of the university and Vitta Foods have started with elaboration of technologies and recipes for production of frozen products from rolled out pastries and puff pastry. Vitta Foods have already launched the first products on the Bulgarian market, as a result of the joint cooperation of the company with the university. These are the frozen products with the trade mark “Tsarina” /Queen/ - the home-made spiral cheese pastry, the spiral cheese patties and the home-made rolls.

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